Kaliningrad — Lesnoye — Nida

Next day! Saturday.

We started up super early and still drunk. Something elevenish? I’ve spent a night at Lusya’s place and guys had their sleep at Kaiserhof hotel. I’ve picked them up (their room smelled like teen spirit — sweat, farts and booze odors) and we rode through busy streets of Kaliningrad back to Lusya’s.

Lusya has a great garden and a spectacular barbecue oven, so we naturally came up with a plan of having a nice protein lunch before we head to Curonian Spit.

Our beatiful host Lusya


Her dog Luk. At least what I was able to capture


Us with Pasha. Gathering our strength after quite a few diet restrictions have been crossed at once


Pasha looks like a cool local and we look like lame tourists. Oh shi…


We managed to leave as early as 16:00. Pasha was guiding us perfectly, riding a killer road bike from 1950’s. Unfortunately we had to part with him at Lesnoye, the first village on Spit. Pasha was going to ride 40 kilometers more to the very end of Russia — a huge difference after the party night we have had together (and the lunch!).

Meanwhile, we had ourselves landed at Dom Rybaka (‘A fisherman’s house’) and immediately headed up to a beach.

Finally, the sea!


Johan is training his selfie face


A cover to an unknown album



A new friend of ours


It’s always good to have a backyard with silver Lenin


We’ve had a dinner at a sea side restaurant and kind of wrapped it up for the night. The plan was to wake up not too late — we had to visit a lot of spectacular spots on Spit next day.


Hurrying up to leave


We still read paper books in Russia


Ready! Steady! Groupie!


Johan and his famous stretches


Never parts with his lipstick

We have stopped at Muller’s height and claimed it ours (no photo though); had an enormous fish lunch at Rybachye and left to visit two other must-sees — the Dancing Forest and Efa’s height.

Fish art


Fish stand


Fish line

In Rybachye Johan’s bags started to behave funny. While he was fixing it, I’ve found an another local art piece.

Dancing Forest was supposed to impress guys. It didn’t.

But Efa’s height did it all right. The climb was totally worth it.


After that nothing could stop us from reaching Nida. Except border police, of course. Luckily, we’ve crossed the border without any problems and found ourselves in Lithuania.

Johan have made a great job of picking the place with the right vibe.


Pink was the new black for us in Nida


A perfect chaining technique


Finally! The sea!

We had to have a welcome beer somewhere. We’ve quickly found a terrace with a nice view and enjoyed some well-deserved lagers while discussing comparative linguistics and Kantian philosophy.

Jonas tries himself as a retiring political figure

Unfortunately, they didn’t serve food at a terrace. So we headed out to find a more rewarding venue.

After some wandering around and a bit of social engineering skills we’ve landed at the best place in town, I guess. The duck confit I’ve had was goooooood. Guys didn’t complain either.

But it’s time to go. Heads up: we are leaving Lithuania today.

Stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “Kaliningrad — Lesnoye — Nida

  1. Fantastic beaches!

    The cover to the unknown album is too good to be left without music.

  2. Wow! I have to say it aches a bit that I couldn’t join you this year 🙂 This blog post really reminded me on how wonderful these trips are.

  3. Congratulations “Cykelsällskapet Lejonet & Gripen” to having recruited a very competent blog author! Ila, you make a good impression for the places you describe. It looks wonderful.

    1. Thank you! It turned to be a rather demanding job, but eventually all the stories will be told!

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